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DATA driven Targeting – Strengthening Display to become more effective alternate to search

DATA Driven Targeting is the latest buzz in the APAC Digital Media Ecosystem and is being positioned as Display Advertising 2.0, clearly adding armour to display banner advertising channel long going battle against search for share of budget.

I have attached a presentation done as part of workshop@IAMAI Marketing Conclave in Mumbai which talks about how DATA Targeting Adverttising in India is making Display advertising in India relevant and how should Marketer decide for their brand is Data targeting or Re-targeting right for their e-commerce front or brand advertising.

We at Tyroo Direct with v-target are trying to be a stronger alternative to Google re-marketing with following USP’s
– Dynamic Banner to bring catalog to your customer
– Built in Optimization for Higher Cart Value instead of CPA driven optimization
– Brand Safe Media Placements
Hope the presentation added will answer few questions

Online Financial Product Marketing Sites – Which startup will win the Race

With IAMAI coming out with numbers on Online Display Advertising market which is being pegged at 350 crores for this financial year.Especially the point which talks about BFSI being the major spender it brings to my notice ever increasing financial startup advertising online ranging from Komli Ad Network product Loanraja to Rupiz ad network product Paisawaisa which are pretty much using their waste going ad impressions inventory to promote their internal products. This list can go on to include others like apnaloan , loanshop, rupeetalk etc.

What is most interesting is to understand their business model which requires answering is how do they operate and difference among the two.

If we try to compare between the lot which is existing their is current difference between 2 kind of players

i) Lead Aggregators : Which have created site which is made up of landing pages optimized to get leads from display advertising or search engines. Acting more as collection of leads point instead of product research or comparision point

eg loanshop,loanraja

ii) Financial Products Comparison Engine :Portals which are creating brands and also becoming product research and comparison destination like Apnaloan, rupeetalk, insurancemall.

First most important thing before we get into their business model is to understand their need in market

i) Financial Products sector is unorganized – Its very hard for common man to still decide between different financial products like loans and cards offered by banks

ii) Measurement Benchmarks are available for this sector products where providers are ready to buy user requests – Insurance Product request lead will be bought by Apollo or Max for INR 80 per lead. Agencies are easily available to buy such leads from sites.

So both from end consumer and provider point of you their is scope for an exchange to play connection point.  If you see from current perspective most of the financial sites have been started by Media Companies like Komli which run Loanraja and Rupiz which runs etc these site is just extending the existing model of these ad networks which run performance campaigns on CPL basis for these financial product advertisers aggregating leads for them. Now such sites provide them advantage to collect one lead back auction to highest paying advertiser and just rather than being dependent on leads being generated by their display inventory they could also aggregate more leads from other mediums like search engine and direct product popularity.

Though in long term Financial Product Comparison Engine and Research Portal  like will succeed as compared to people like loanraja etc as they go one step forward and try to close the loop by validating the lead by calling customer and also using other tools like cross-selling,up-selling etc.

How this helps is increase lead to sale ratio making more reliable partner for end financial service provider to partner with.

How can these sites business model evolve

For financial sites like which are evolving as financial consulting provider they are positioning themselves in larger market where potential for inorganic growth is higher as compared to lead aggregators which are in terms becoming bacfiller to people like apnaloan.

As this industry evolve i would rather bet on financial site which will go further and complete the cycle of lead acquisition to qualification to sale instead of just lead aggregator as this way the product will always stay on the top of food chain instead at bottom.

Mixer for Startups – Launch of Medianama

Hi All,

Nikhil Pahwa Ex-Contentsutra has found his calling and launching Medianama officially

Date: 18th July
Time: 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Venue: Essex Farms, near IIT Delhi
The Discussion: “Surviving A Downturn”
The Panelists: To Be Announced
Discussion will be followed by a Mixer

The discussion on Surviving the downturn will be lead by Leading Personalities from Internet Industry who have seen the DOT COM bubble burst before and how can startups charter out plans to sail through.

If you cannot attend the mixer you can send in your questions which will be answered and emailed back to you. If you dont want your identity or your startups identity to be disclosed that can be also kept in wrap if mentioned in mail.

Looking forward to seeing you all their and best of luck Nikhil!!!

Register HERE – Jingling on Red FM 93.5 was reviewed by us before they started advertising on Red FM.   Just a brief according to us for them to take real advantage of the advertising campaign, the site needs more work and better workflow to capitalize on each lead being generated on the site to convert to sale.

For people who wish to understand business model should look at as this is what the site can further evolve into and create an effective online sales delivery platform

Am i bad blogger!!!

When i started this blog the whole concept was to create a reference point for all ideas and thoughts which keep popping up in my head on daily basis. Over the last 3 months and 150 posts,  this blog has helped me get more focused in terms of industry analysis and has benefit to generate enough networking to keep me busy and help with getting some potential clients. Based on few people’s suggestion did a post for and the under category new blogs.  Unfortunately lost out on both the competition!!!

Not suprised keeping in mind the type of content i have been putting online..its sure helping me achieve my objective of a reference point though not much of help to others. Anyway have decided to open up platform for my existing readers to decide what topics should i discuss more as idea of the blog is to do analysis of the news being published in relation to “online industry in india”

I do get lot of comments for travel technology and portals so will keep posting under that head. Any other head or post which readers liked and would like to read some more stuff based on similar lines is asked for!!!

Otherwise hey this blog is suppose to be my reference point and will remain to be like that….

Keep reading!!!!

New battle for engineers – Technology Outsourcing providers vs Investment Firms

Recent post on Gigaom didnt come as a surprise. With india growing investment management has become a key and important pillar for many organizations. Many global investment managers have opened shops in india and mutual funds are hiring MBA’s like anything. But with low grad quality of MBA except for the one’s churned out by IIM,IIFT or SP Jain. These investment firms are now turning to our favourite IIT’s and other top notch engineering college to find the next financial whiz kids.

As Infosys and TCS being looked more as coding factory and IT sweat shops engineers of future are looking for more responsibilities and challenges. This is a bad news for IT startup companies which are already having trouble attracting and retaining talent. Now not only they need to fight big fat paycheck giving organizations in IT/ITES sector but also re-position them to wade off competition from investment firms.

Happy Birthday Greetings – Thanks all

This post is for everyone who called,sms’ed,sended an e-card or wished me in person.

Special mention to Mayank,Ashish and Priya who arranged the special chocolate mud cake at 2 AM!!!!!

Anyway dont get to take a day off….long day ahead….got to get some sleep!!!!

Again thanks everyone!!!!!!

E-commerce 2.0 – Online Shopping is India Ready

With starting to advertise in media about their online shopping website. It looks like comming in of a new wave of online shopping portals which will start to mushroom up. Though this time game and strategy will be all together different. First of all customers will be comming online not because of value online shopping derieve but convienance of shopping at the same branded retailer they do offline. As trust is the biggest factor downplaying use of internet as online medium for shopping.

Once the brands are able to establish trust factor they will be able to service large section of customers they were not able to reach out with products they could not put on shelves and by just maitaining JIT (Just-In-Time) inventory management technique. But to encourage such online ventures its important for manufacturers to create IT infrastructure which helps in real time information sharing for creating a value chain which benefit both the vendor and supplier.

Majorly following factors can be termed as potential reason for growth of B2C sales for India in 2007-08

– Retail sector will become more organized and establishment of brand names

-Broadband Penetration

– New method of E-Payments like cash card, net banking etc being promoted for online transactions

– Mobile phone acting as delivery point of information and potential sales channel.

Lets keep a wait and watch situtation for now.

Indian Republic Day – Is it really an Holiday for US

If anyone noticed the subject well its “US” not “us” though both according to post comes out to be same. Since 7 AM IST the phone was rining with server maintainance issues from Satyam data center Vashi,New Bombay. As i thought will power through this morning for relaxation in afternoon SUN….Phone calls from US office started comming in…

Client had decided to bring forward dates for an application to give live. So instead of Monday it will be Friday. With development team celebrating their official calendar holiday of the year. It was all left on me to carry forward the wait…so that US team does not have to put up a sorry figure tommorow morning. Out of the 2 problems reported. I got one of them fixed thanks to my off head knowledge of PHP and C++.  Second problem has also been identified but due to complex structure of system it cannot be solved within stipulated time frame. The emergency response team is working on the system to make sure nothing goes wrong. But nothing is sure as our emergency response team specializes in .NET technologies.

reason to share this information is an request to united nations to draw up common list of holidays for through out the world to surely avoid this kind of mishap. Otherwise small startups need to draw futher plan to motivate their employees to come work on 26th Jan instead of 27th Dec Boxing Day. Anyway will get back to work….will post if response team was successful or not.

Dr Doom – Villan in Me

After doing the super hero test thought should gave super villanry also a shot!

Interesting result…….

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