Posts Tagged 'AOL' enters Digital Advertising Business with Adzinia

While searching for news on new Ad networks being launched in the US and what is motivating entreprenuers to still get into this crowded space, stumbled upon Adzinia’s job listing looking for people required to run an ad network. Little bit of more searching on the internet helped me to draw a final picture.

Adzinia is an company with prime objective of monetizing Display Inventory across its web properties. Currently they are concetrating on the US market. owns few of the worlds biggest properties like ,, etc.

Currently Alexa is being monetized via Bannerconnect a Norway based Ad Network and IMDB has advertising coming in from

It will be interesting to figure out with changing dynamics in this industry where Ad Exchanges are the new level is such a company being used by Amazon just to consolidate and manage it business on exchanges or anything other is specifically being looked into it. Publisher lead ad networks is not something new and have been successfully executed previously by likes of AOL with etc.

Amazon itself has years of experience in running s Affilate programwhich will surely give them armour in running a successful operations and analytics division which form core for any ad network.

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July 2020