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Blog Monetization Platform – Business Model

We all have seen various blogging platform like Blogger, WordPress and one tried by their poor indian cousins like,ibibo,rediff iland etc

Though the primary source of revenue model for such blogging platforms has been Advertising revenue on user generated content though likes of wordpress have also benefited from offering blogging tools,hosting platforms etc.

The problem with web 2.0 content generated is lack of trust in quality of same as compared to editorial driven and hence most of the monetization ideas tend not to come in effect.

Keeping in mind how the publishing industry is suffering due to inability to refresh content and recent non-fiction piece of work getting traction has originated from blogs,online journals there is clear case with some one coming up with online trading platforms which let people monetize their content beyond digital advertising revenue. If a blogging platform can evolve to syndication service where we have publishing house on one side and the blog owners on another and create marketplace for increasing yield in auction scenario can help monetize reminant content which doesnt see day of light in offline media due to editorial limitation  and vice-a-versa gain content in shorter lead time to meet issue goal.

The blogging platform can also evolve from various services like ranking the content,acting like editors and help improve price point at which it gets monetized or sold. Other services could be ranging from translation to other languages etc.

The scope for such platform is immense and some structure to this business model can help create unlimited scalable platform which would could become a technology services driven business.

Update: Associated Press does have a platform of sort for professional content being generated and now they have opened it up for Amateurs as well.

Found out about it at Techcrunch :

Looks like business model being thought in India are already in implementation in US – I understand the business model but not the necessity

While trying to find indian blogs i bumped into this site called They tend to provide a blog search engine which let you search for content and new blogs based on meta tag search concept. I tried adding my blog to their system. Though the process was simple and not time consuming it doesnt offer lot in terms of account features which will make sure a blogger keeps returning to make sure his/her blog can draw more advantage from traffic being generated.

Their are couple of things could do. One way is to monetize a daily digest feed for a particular keyword which could have advertisements from indian publishers. They can look at tyroo for driving such synergy. Secondly they can look  at ad inventory management for bloggers as most of the blogs i went through was from amateur bloggers which dont really update their site regularly. So individually they might not be value to any ad network but together in a bunch if blogadda can create link between contents then both bloggers and blogadda can benefit from revenue sharing.

Anyway will wait to see what more can offer hopefully just not trying to play on – reliance company brand name to gain advantage.

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