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Advertising Campaign Performance Management – Selection of Media

In today’s fast moving world where advertiser is interested to run campaign on pure performance to get lead or acquisition. Its become very impotant for an online marketer to select the right portal,site,placement etc to get lowest cost per conversion and highest scale possible.

But how do you determine what conversion ratio which property will get and how to standardize format or type of advertiser and CPL cost one could offer as media owner.  Lot of people will say its dependent on type of advertiser,product type of targeting used etc. But that worlds in display marketing where you get ideal conversion rate of 2.5% but lets say if we take an average campaign , average media potential is somewhere around 1.35% for the medium based on past experience.

If we take this maths as god and try to standardize type of form used which is Name|Email address| Telephone | City| Selection specific to product.  With this kind of form based HTML banner or microsite without clutter with just form and basic data on product you are able to standardize # of leads you can get and price point by this simple maths

= (#impressions * CTR) * 1.35% = will give you leads and cost per lead will be cost at which impressions are brought.

Its sounds very simple but in real world i have seen campaign after campaign this maths getting validated out. So does mean their is no scope of optimization = scope of optimization exist that to fill the gap between 1.35% to 2.5% or even higher but that is learning which a publisher brings on table. But as a marketer when selecting media this is how you should calculate as you just dont know publisher you are dealing will how much value your campaign and generate higher conversion ratio.

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July 2020