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When subhiksha announced in last IAMAI meet that they would be soon launched online grocery retailing it really made me think that after working and living in a developed country like australia where big grocery retailers like safeway and coles were providing online grocery shopping what made me waste my sunday morning specially going to the stores and shopping.

Talking to couple of friends on phone made me realized online grocery shopping cannot work in any country as lot of people dont plan out their groceries in advance and the next business day delivery being offered is not as attractive to within 2 hours telephone delivery being offered even though store might be just opposite to your place.

Secondly in store shopped 40% of grocery bills include items which were never planned for which means need to go around the store look and feel thing forms a very important aspect while doing shopping.

Lastly lot of friends did point out this is the only family time together they get and removing this activity from the week only cleans up space to do more office work then spend quality time with family.

Now looking at Indian scenario with different kind of formats being followed by retailers to reach every corner or neighborhood the need and necessity to shop for vegetables,fruits,pulsesĀ  online goes away.

What does offer ? tend to act as a shopping platform pretty much similar to one being offered by which means retailers host their products on website and takes care of logistics and payment collections.

Currently they are retailing MTR food packs and cookie man’s delicious cookies though they are not so tempting that you will just buy them online.

What models can E- Grocery Retailing platforms can implement to increase reach out or help existing formats?

i)Develop automated tool on their online website to create shopping list and ability for registered users to sms list to their mobile phones. They can now sms this list to some one from family going to the store with quantity required and when the person reach store they can use the same reference# in mobile phone to bring up order list on convenient touch screen kiosks available with ability to pay by credit card and someone from store pack their order.

ii) Offer discounted inventory online this is something which can push online grocery shopping so that people can check for things expiring in 15 days item or things available for massĀ  clearance at better prices online as they might be stocked in Area Warehouse but not stocked on shelves due to lack of acceptance from buyers.

Their are many other ideas which can be implemented but just offering online grocery retailing is something which india can do without for another year or two.

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August 2020