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Is Internet Changing our History

Sorry had been out to singapore for the last edition of AD:tech and didnt get time to write any new post, it was interesting to meet lot of  people from the APAC region which mad me realize the kind of work we do in India is of supreme quality and digital advertising industry in India is most evolved and trend setter.

Important technology or point of reference used by a lot was either Wiki or Youtube. Youtube is a phenomenon which is gaining traction around the world with broadband infrastructure improving day by day its share of viewing minutes per user is increasing.

Wikipedia on the hand has went ahead and changed the business models of encyclopedia’s and initiated a user-collaboration model which has helped create content on non documented things which has existed in various other forms now available at one single point. Although the concept is really good the only problem being faced with increasing content on Wikipedia and use of it as a reference point by people in academics is ability for people to change history without adding facts.  For instance if i want i can go ahead and create parallel history of Greater Kailash in Delhi and if marketplace dynamics don’t come into affect with other people bothered about policing my content and verifying the same, some day after couple of months my version of story will be start to be used as reference point and soon be the official history of Greater Kailash as repeated by everyone.

For over 10 years working in the Internet Industry have seen lot of technological evolution which helps us to use internet as tool of documenting or archiving our actions which do tend to become history. let it be social networking platform like facebook or a blog which documents people lives or tweeter post on iran covering the protest news.  But media driven documentation of history is very dangerous and need for a recognized authority to validate such information has become necessity. Did hear from people that couple of universities in US and have taken project initatives which will look into developing standards which would create process and feedback system for validated addition of content and decide what becomes history for us.

Its important we all take this matter seriously as Media has the power to doctor and change our view about things and now with everything documented and easily accessiable on internet it becomes more important we look into bringing some regulation to this not from perspective to regulate internet or people freedom to express but from view point of preserving the factual truth.

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July 2020