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Online Financial Product Marketing Sites – Which startup will win the Race

With IAMAI coming out with numbers on Online Display Advertising market which is being pegged at 350 crores for this financial year.Especially the point which talks about BFSI being the major spender it brings to my notice ever increasing financial startup advertising online ranging from Komli Ad Network product Loanraja to Rupiz ad network product Paisawaisa which are pretty much using their waste going ad impressions inventory to promote their internal products. This list can go on to include others like apnaloan , loanshop, rupeetalk etc.

What is most interesting is to understand their business model which requires answering is how do they operate and difference among the two.

If we try to compare between the lot which is existing their is current difference between 2 kind of players

i) Lead Aggregators : Which have created site which is made up of landing pages optimized to get leads from display advertising or search engines. Acting more as collection of leads point instead of product research or comparision point

eg loanshop,loanraja

ii) Financial Products Comparison Engine :Portals which are creating brands and also becoming product research and comparison destination like Apnaloan, rupeetalk, insurancemall.

First most important thing before we get into their business model is to understand their need in market

i) Financial Products sector is unorganized – Its very hard for common man to still decide between different financial products like loans and cards offered by banks

ii) Measurement Benchmarks are available for this sector products where providers are ready to buy user requests – Insurance Product request lead will be bought by Apollo or Max for INR 80 per lead. Agencies are easily available to buy such leads from sites.

So both from end consumer and provider point of you their is scope for an exchange to play connection point.  If you see from current perspective most of the financial sites have been started by Media Companies like Komli which run Loanraja and Rupiz which runs etc these site is just extending the existing model of these ad networks which run performance campaigns on CPL basis for these financial product advertisers aggregating leads for them. Now such sites provide them advantage to collect one lead back auction to highest paying advertiser and just rather than being dependent on leads being generated by their display inventory they could also aggregate more leads from other mediums like search engine and direct product popularity.

Though in long term Financial Product Comparison Engine and Research Portal  like will succeed as compared to people like loanraja etc as they go one step forward and try to close the loop by validating the lead by calling customer and also using other tools like cross-selling,up-selling etc.

How this helps is increase lead to sale ratio making more reliable partner for end financial service provider to partner with.

How can these sites business model evolve

For financial sites like which are evolving as financial consulting provider they are positioning themselves in larger market where potential for inorganic growth is higher as compared to lead aggregators which are in terms becoming bacfiller to people like apnaloan.

As this industry evolve i would rather bet on financial site which will go further and complete the cycle of lead acquisition to qualification to sale instead of just lead aggregator as this way the product will always stay on the top of food chain instead at bottom.

Mixer for Startups – Launch of Medianama

Hi All,

Nikhil Pahwa Ex-Contentsutra has found his calling and launching Medianama officially

Date: 18th July
Time: 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Venue: Essex Farms, near IIT Delhi
The Discussion: “Surviving A Downturn”
The Panelists: To Be Announced
Discussion will be followed by a Mixer

The discussion on Surviving the downturn will be lead by Leading Personalities from Internet Industry who have seen the DOT COM bubble burst before and how can startups charter out plans to sail through.

If you cannot attend the mixer you can send in your questions which will be answered and emailed back to you. If you dont want your identity or your startups identity to be disclosed that can be also kept in wrap if mentioned in mail.

Looking forward to seeing you all their and best of luck Nikhil!!!

Register HERE

Interview with CEO of – Online Bus Reservation Platform

Following is an email interview which we did with Pahninder Sama, CEO Red We talked more about the industry they are working in challenges faced and whats their unique positioning in market.Q1. Can you  give us some brief on redbus

redBus is the first player in India to launch the concept of online bus tickets. Today, it is India’s largest such service with the highest number of routes (over 3200) and over 250+ bus operator partners. Consumers get some unparalleled benefits that are unique to redBus:

         They can book return tickets

         They can choose their seats

         They can get tickets home delivery

         They have access to the best-in-class bus operators

         They can book tickets over the phone, through their mobile, on the net or in person at our partner outlets.

Q2. Give some background on founders and their experience

redBus was started by 3 friends from BITS Pilani.

Phanindra Sama – Ex Texas Instruments

Charan Padmaraju – Ex Honeywell

Sudhakar Pasupunuri – Ex IBM

 Q3. Why Bus reservation. What is the potential market size in terms of rupee value and how do we segment it.

Bus reservation is a very large market. There is no formal study available to dig statistics. However, approximately the market is pegged at about Rs. 15000 crores. The best way to segment it is geographically, by states. Each state has some busy (priority) routes. One can estimate the market by the number of buses and average load per bus for those routes and add it up to get the state market size.

 Q4. Is this business volume driven or with coming in of luxury buses we will see tour operator using bus as medium also being pushed online

I’m not sure if I understand the second part of this question correctly, but to answer the first – yes it is a volume driven game. Greater volumes change the dynamics of the relationship of the players in this industry.

 Q5. The space at which rail & Air is moving why don’t we see the bus operator segment evolving at same pace.

The bus space is relatively young and you will see it booming in the next few months. We have already started experiencing 30% month-on-month increase and the word-of-mouth will kick start this boom.

 Q6. Keeping in mind low operation standards maintained by smaller bus operators, when you sign them up is their a service level agreement with minimum quality standards being imposed.

We are conscious about the bus operators we tie up with. There have been instances where we have broken our relationship with operators with whom some customers had a bad experience. That’s how serious we are about service levels.

 Q7. What are the main hurdles you face to get scale for your business?

Streamlining the operations with 100s of bus operators throughout the country and building robustness is one of the hurdles to attain immediate scale

Q8. When selecting a bus operator for Delhi-Jammu segment I noticed it threw up 2-3 option with similar fares and originating point. What extra information you tend to provide which can help me to take a decision on bus operator to select as they are not brand names which I have heard of before. Eg data would be performance of operator in terms of number of times bus is running on time and so forth.

We will soon have a discussion forums powered by users. That will give other travelers an idea about experiences of people who have used those bus operators.

 Q9.  Are you looking at other monetization opportunities like advertising as even bigger transaction sites like and has started to do so and are getting good revenue results.

We surely are. However, that’s not the revenue model of priority right now. We want to master our core business before we can get into maximizing other revenue models.

Q10. What all can we expect in 2008 from Redbus like external integration with travel meta search engines etc.

Of late, some travel meta search engines are showing interest in displaying redBus results. It may come through in sometime.

The market is dynamic and moving at a very fast pace. The operations / offering on could be quite different in 2008.

Is Today’s time best to work for someone else or work for yourself

This is a question which was recently put to me on a visit to IIFT B-School by couple of students. To everyone it sounds a no brainer but if you are running a startup especially if you have bootstrapped your way through you understand in which direction is this post going.

The student in front of me were from hard working middle class families with dreams in eye to earn lot of money quickly and in hand with information on startups getting funded millions of dollars. Telling them yes is easy as our job is to motivate the youth of today but one surely need to share with them the dark realities of life.

In real world not all companies get funded millions of dollars. Not everyone can come up with validating idea which will create bandwidth for huge money. Although the students carry the top B-School tag which they feel can help them open right doors at right places but ground reality is its not having just the contacts which help but finding ways for utilizing them right.

If you try to answer the question you need to analyze what is your vision vice-a-versa skills available with you to achieve it. Secondly Entrepreneurs are not only made by their self confidence and belief but belief of people around them their family their friends as their comes time in every persons startup life cycle when he/she would like to give up everything coming under the pressure.

So are you cut for it?

If you are a person who has already been working for some time and feel working for self is your calling then take the risk now and get into it.As you wont regret a bit. But if you are person who is just finishing B-School and after participating in couple of B-Plan comptt. feel motivated to get in. The answer would be NO. Why ??

My suggestion is you should first work for a similar idea kind of company probably nurturing in startup environment where you can implement and test skills on someone’s else money probably sharing similar goals and ideas. 1-2 years down the road you will figure out yourself if you are meant to take such risk to succeed and make something which stock market will go crazy investing in.

How to Control Attiriation in IT or Technology driven company

Generally before some one can answer the question “reasons for attrition” ones need to quantify the level of attrition in an organization. As the number of people leaving an organization generally some times help you narrow down on reasons why people are leaving your organization.

Secondly lot of things are dependent on peoples background and qualification vice a versa the industry they are working with. Generally just saying people become dissatisfied with what they are doing is very wrong as even after change their are higher chances they will be working on similar profile again depending on industry and role. But then what kind of change with just changing organization bring.

In an SME kind of setup its the motivation and aggression of the management to grow to work towards higher goals keep the employees downward motivated. as lot is happening lot of new learning lot of new activities so everyone remains involved. Major reasons for leaving is a larger salary jump.

In an larger organization it can be based on kind of projects one has been regularly getting and possibility of just specializing in one kind of work and getting type casted. Or less opportunities being given as compared to other employee wise comparable peer group. Its very important for an HR questionnaire to get information on what peer group set is employee comparing themselves to in the organization or externally as this will let you clearly identify the problem point. As competition in an organization is healthy you need to motivate employee right to find out what kind of personal goals or tragets one carry.

360 degree review or peer review what it was called in older days is a good tool to identify employee problems and potential gaps which need to be filled in before they tend to leave.

If you employee this methodology of finding from an employee who them feel they are competiting with internally and externally in organization. Automatically you will be able to draw out plan to increase their capabilities to superseed other persons targets and have greater job and personal satisifcation.

This formula can work for a small startup to large organization.

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